We Aim to Please!

We have everything to meet your self-defense, shooting, and outdoor needs. We sell Guns and Ammunition, Knives, Mace, Tasers as well as Sporting Goods and Supplies.

In addition to our products we also offer Mixed Martial Arts classes that utilize Jeet Kune Do theories and concepts. You’ll leave with vital knowledge and techniques that will not only keep you safe, but will also give you a great workout.

Improve your skills at one of our NRA Credited Marksman and Safety Classes. Whether you are new to shooting or you are a seasoned veteran, our classes will help you shoot at your best.

Practice your shooting and newly acquired skills at the Areas Only Outdoor Handgun Shooting Range right here at Duchon’s Defenses.

No matter what your need, stop by Duchon’s Defense and see just how Safe We Can Make You!


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